Lucifigous Prick
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:: about ::
Location: Louisville, KY
Members:   Jim  :: seq, synth, bass, keys, samples, guitar, backing vox
Matt  :: guitar, keys, vox
Brax  :: vox, sax, keys, glockenspiel
:: Contact Info ::
For more information, to get copy of our demo (club owners, label reps only, please), or to book us for a show, email .
latest downloads:
September 4th 2004 :: show flyerMay 10th 2004 :: show flyerMarch 18th 2004 :: show flyer
1.  monster mash  (2.5MB, 2:51)
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2.  spookyface (3.1MB, 3:18)
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3.  trees at play (3.6MB, 4:08)
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friends and neighbors:
bands we've played with
After the Panic
Blue Goat War
Front Porch Campaign
Green Formica Table
Little Deer
Old Man
The Potomac Accord
Red Taled Hawk
Running from Bad Guys
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