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09/24/2003 :: the mark of progress

Well, we told you that we'd been working, and we've just released the latest three tracks from our ongoing recording efforts. These tracks should still be considered demo tracks, as they're not quite in their final form. There's still some mixing and layering to do, but they're getting closer every week. Check the latest downloads over on the right, or head to the downloads section for the full 2003 demo "track" listing.

We may have another batch of songs as early as next sunday, so don't forget to check back.

We don't have any shows lined up at the moment since we're concentrating on recording, but if any local bands have a show they'd like us to play, just let us know.

08/30/2003 :: show me what ya got

The August 9th show at the Rud was an interesting time, there's no question of that. everyone played a really good set and Jason Loewenstein treated the crowd to 15 or 20 minutes of some healthy raw rock n' roll. Unfortunately, the Rud had set up another show for earlier in the evening, and that show didn't let out until just before 10:00pm.

Chumley took the stage shortly thereafter and tore it up for a while in a really excellent debut performance. Little Deer kept the momentum going, and After the Panic brought it back up a notch with some well-polished high-octane grooves. Jason took the stage to fill in some time as we set up our massive warehouse-full of equipment, and kept everyone's energies and spirits high. Of course, at this point--with the late start and everything--the proprietors were telling us we only had 20 minutes to finish setting up, play, and get everybody out of there. We went ahead and played 30 minutes of our 45 minute set, finishing up as the barmaidens were ushering people out the door. Of course, it was one hell of a 30 minute set, we just kind of let it go and purged our frustrations through the music.

Lesson learned: no more 4 band shows, or make sure that no matter what, we start no later than 9PM.

In other news: We've been busting our asses once again and making quite a bit of progress on getting songs recorded for our upcoming album. We now have rough room recordings of all our songs in the can, and are probably 50% through with getting studio tracks laid down. In the coming weeks, we'll be working on finishing up the studio work, then concentrating on the mixing and all the rest of it. With any luck, we'll have it out by the end of the year. Stay tuned, and as we get rough mixes of more tracks, we'll release them here for your listening pleasure.

08/01/2003 :: mom sings to the radio:

the big festival has come and gone, and we had a good time despite ourselves. it was crazy hot and humid on Saturday when we got there, and bright--not lucifigous prick weather at all.

after lugging all our gear to the stage (thankfully not as far as some poor souls we saw dragging their gear around) and collapsing in exhaustion, we ingested as much water as we could get, and as much other libation as we could stomach.

we took the stage in record time, and after dealing with some technical difficulties and learning to ignore the glaring stage monitor issues, we played a great set that our cadre and some of the random passers-by seemed to enjoy. we played hard, hot, and fast. we sweated a lot.

in the end, we decided that while we were grateful for the experience, it's not something we'd necessarily care to repeat again. we might consider other festivals, but only those where the music is most important. being held in a theme park, the majority of the people there were apathetic at best. a few of the bands that mimic top 40s station staples had smallish crowds, but the majority of the stages only had audiences that were captive for reasons other than the music. give us a festival where the people are there for the music, and it becomes a worthwhile endeavor. oh, and roadies would be nice.

in other news:
August 9th 2003 :: show flyerour next show is rapidly approaching. we've been putting out flyers around town, and i've finally gotten them up on the site as well. check out the latest downloads section for a good look at and a chance to download them all. if you'd like to print out some copies and paste them up in your neck of the woods, please do.

we're excited, as it's going to be a nice full evening of good quality rock and roll. we're also doubly excited because we're going to have a special guest there to play between the main band's sets--Jason Loewenstein has agreed to bring along a guitar, and amp, and a drummer, and to treat you all to some of his own special goodness.

so come on out and get treated to a sampling of some of the best original music in Louisville. and you get to hear us as well! how much better could it get?

07/04/2003 :: stages

We've gotten a little more info on the Mom's Music Festival thing (they're a bit behind in their information dissemination... apparently, they were somewhat overwhelmed by the number of submissions).

our location at stage #5
We'll be going on at 4:30PM on Saturday (with any luck) on stage #5, right up near the front entrance. As I said before, it'll be an eclectic mix (to say the least), the bookends for our performance will be All Access, and Missing the Point.

Tickets are on sale now, but i'm fairly certain that you'll be able to see most of the stages (not the "feature" events, certainly) as long as you can gain admittance to the park. If this isn't the case, don't come crying to me. I'll try to post more definite information as soon as i find out for sure.

The August 9th show at the Rud will have a $4 cover--that's only $1 per band! We're billing it as an "Ear X-tacy showcase" or something like that, since all the bands have Ear X-tacy employees in the mix. we're fairly certain the line-up will be: Chumley, Little Deer, After the Panic, and then yours truly, in that order. 9:00PM, $4, the Rud. You know what to do.

06/16/2003 :: double trouble

Well, we've just gotten word that we've been invited to play at Mom's Music Festival! It's gonna be a big two-day shindig with over 140 bands playing, and as strange as it'll be to play outside in broad daylight, we're ready to sweat our asses off and have some fun. They haven't released a full list of participants yet, but i'm fairly certain that it's going to be a something-for-everyone type of affair. In fact, knowing the way these things go, we'll probably be sandwiched between two completely different bands who'll make us sound like we're from another planet. But, nevertheless, it should be a kick ass time, so you should get a posse together and come enjoy the park for a day (or two), and get a little Lucifigous Prick lovin' to boot!

They haven't told us yet exactly which day or at what time we'll be playing, but we'll let you know almost as soon as we do. You'll be able to purchase tickets online on June 18th.

As if that weren't enough, we've got another show lined up for August 9th, at the Rud, with After the Panic, Little Deer, and Chumley. This should be a rockin' show with a good mix of styles on display. Also, i believe this will be Chumley's first time out, so come on out to hear some new sounds and show your support for a new Louisville band. Cover price for the show hasn't been determined yet, but we'll let you know as soon as we figure it out!

04/30/2003 :: my god, it's full of rock!

Sounds from the Animal FarmPerseverance pays off, it would seem. We've just added our most recent demo recordings to the site for your enjoyment. Our previous attempts have proven to be valuable learning experiences that have allowed us to get what we believe are our best room recordings to date.

These tracks are the rough cuts of what we'll eventually be putting on our album. We want to get the EP done first of course, but these room recordings are a first step in that process.

So far the song lineup for the EP looks like it will include: A Happy Place, Saturn Turns, Wrath of Orson, and Ambush. We are looking forward to finally getting it finished, packaged, and on the shelves.

We've also put a couple more tracks in the can, and we'll be getting the rough mixes together and hopefully on the site by next week.

04/19/2003 :: quick & dirty

The April 11th show went well, with all three bands playing great sets. It was great to get to hear Blue Goat War again, and the addition of the trumpet and viola provided an interesting and sultry edge to the music.

We're continuing to work on recordings for our EP, but we've also decided to get some quick & dirty versions of our current stable of songs down that we can send out as demos so we can get some gigs at other venues, and perhaps even some out-of-town shows.

03/13/2003 :: fly-tastic

Flyers are done and ready to be plastered all over town. Feel free to grab the pdf version, print out some copies for yourselves, and put 'em up wherever you can find a spot around town.

April 11th 2003 :: show flyer
 full-size .gif full-size .pdf 
April 11th, 2003 :: show handbill
 full-size .gif full-size .pdf 
03/10/2003 :: Rud: Act III, Scene Rock

A third act has been confirmed for the Apr. 11th show at the Rud--Front Porch Campaign will be the headliners for the evening's festivities. The show is scheduled to start at 10pm, with a cover at the door of $4.00. It promises to be an exciting evening.

We should have a flyer online (and out on the streets) in fairly short order.

03/03/2003 :: new downloads and blue goats

As we mentioned in the last news post, we've been busy working on new material and recording tracks for the planned EP. Unfortunately, since none of us are engineers, we keep finding new things and ways to improve the quality of the stuff we've already recorded, and thus going back and re-recording them. Hopefully, this will all result in a fun, high quality, high energy disc that you can take home and annoy your parents and loved ones with.

Also, we've been asked by the infamous Blue Goat War to play a show on April 11th at (where else but) the Rudyard Kipling! We're excited, as the Blue Goat War have a really fun, unique, rocking sound and always put on a good show. Currently, the only confirmed acts are ourselves and Blue Goat War, but we're working on lining up a third act. We'll keep you posted.

Finally, we've also just gotten the flyers from our last two shows up in the downloads section. Be sure to check 'em out.

01/23/2003 :: they rock much harder than a regular table

Our December 18th show at the Rud was an absolute blast with Green Formica Table tearing up the stage in an exciting performance. There was a good turnout (especially considering it was opening night of the Two Towers movie), and everybody seemed to enjoy the show, especially the bands.

In other news, we've decided to hunker down in Animal Farm Studio to try to put the finishing touches on the EP we've been working on. So, we're not actively trying to set up any shows (at least not until late February), but if any bands have an open spot, we'd love to hear from them.

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