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07/26/2005 :: in other news:

well, the prick has been on something of a hiatus since the halloween show last year, following the split into two projects. we are now Lucifigous Prick (the original line-up with Jim, Brax, and Matt), and Mammon (the four-piece line-up with Rob).

as it turns out, Mammon has a show tonight, at Uncle Pleasants at 9PM. Mammon's sound is quite different from LP's sound, but if you like LP, you're sure to like Mammon as well. and if you don't like LP (what are you, crazy?), there's still a good chance you'll like Mammon.

so, come on out and check us... i mean Mammon... out. we'll be opening up for Verktum and Jason Loewenstein who are both outrageously good. you won't regret it!

09/17/2004 :: mashed up rock

on September 4th, we rocked the Rud like there was no tomorrow. we unleashed a set composed almost entirely of new songs, sprinkled with a cover and one song we'd attempted to play at the last show. this was our second show with Rob, and i think we gave the audience a good taste of the hearty rock that is on our horizon. we also got to have a little fun with a new cover song—hall & oates' maneater. i think the crowd got a big kick out of it, and i know we had a great time playing it.

as for everyone else there, walter boyd came out and opened the show with some very interesting experimental blues stuff on the ukulele (i think) and guitar. it was quite enjoyable, and he did a great cover of the classic folk song—"keep your hands off her"—along with several originals.

chumley and after the panic followed us, and both groups played solid, entertaining sets. we've played with these guys a few times, and we always have a fun time hanging out and listening to great music.

and speaking of great music, jim and i were pouring over our recordings, and stumbled across a recording of monster mash (stream) that we'd gotten down last year around halloween. it's a room recording, but it turned out really well for just being recorded with a couple crappy mics. anyway, give it a listen and relive bygone days with a prick twist.

09/01/2004 :: whoa here she comes...

it's been a while since the site's been updated, for various reasons, but rest assured that we are still working hard and writing new fun stuff.

May 10th 2004 :: show flyerthe may 10th show was a rousing success, and an enjoyable evening. kenny andreozzi got things rolling with an amazing and complicated set. On followed, with a nice flowing jazz-fusion style improv that never seemed to really end a song as much as evolve into a new one. it was an entertaining and enlightening set.

after On started us down a smooth road, we had to go and make it bumpy again. it was our first performance with our new drummer, and it was exciting to see the perplexed looks on the familiar faces in the crowd who were unsure of just what direction we were going to take things. we mixed up the set, playing a few of the older songs without Rob, a few newer ones with Rob added in, and a brand new one we'd written with Rob. everything seemed to be going really well, aside from some technical issues, at least up 'til the moment i blew my amp. thankfully, it was the next-to-last song, so we managed to get most of our set in before the tragedy.

it was a fun night, everyone seemed to enjoy the new sound (that's "loud" for those of you wondering), and we got lots of compliments on the part of the new song that my amp managed to survive.

after our tub of fun, little deer came on and kept the crowd going for the rest of the night. all in all, it was a fun night, and a worthy debut for Rob as well.

oh, and i've finally manged to get the flyer for that show online, only about 4 months late, in the downloads section.

in other show news

we've got a show coming up this weekend at the Rudyard Kipling! Saturday, Sept. 4th! 9:00PM! of course, the flyers all say 10:00pm, but the rest of the bands on the lineup decided it's a 9:00 show, and printed it on their flyers, so, 9:00 it is.

September 4th 2004 :: show flyer

this should be another fun set, as we'll have almost an entirely new never-before-heard lineup of songs for ya. only one song have we played out before, and that was the one that my amp blew up on at the last show. it promises to be a lively good time. so, get your lazy ass off the couch, and come see us rock it out with Walter Boyd, Chumley, and After the Panic.

04/15/2004 :: 'til you drop

'Prickified' Stickersif you missed the March 18th show, you should feel ashamed and very very sorry for yourself. it was a marvelous evening all around, and we had a blast playing one of our best sets ever!

the indie-pop-rock-improv group "tipping the lion" couldn't (or, didn't) show up for whatever reason, so Will--formerly of After the Panic, and one of Brax's Ear-X co-workers--filled in the opening slot with a poignant impromptu performance of some original tunes (and a couple covers as well).

we took the stage second, and proceeded to rock harder than an orgy in a moving van. we kicked the show off with the thresher--Iguma--setting the stage for the rest of the evening. there was a fire on the stage that night--a magic--and by the end of the evening, we were grinning, groaning, jumping, dancing, and just generally enjoying the hell out of it. it was a hell of a set.

chumley took the stage last and followed us admirably, putting on an energetic and rocking set of their own. you have to admire a band that can put that many people, and that much equipment and energy on stage and not have a single person leave the stage with blood squirting from between their fingers.

LP Logo Shirt - Redwe also managed to get our Promo CDs done, our t-shirts finished, and even stickers printed and cut. we sold a bunch of merch at the show, more than we even really expected, so that was great.

speaking of all our swanky new stuff, the more observant among you may have noticed our new menu option up top--store. we finally managed to get our online store page set up, so go check out the goodies!

oh yeah! and don't miss our next show, coming up on May 10th. if you've ever seen or heard us and said "where's their drummer?", then you definitely have to be at this show!

03/18/2004 :: long time coming

for those keeping score, our Feb. 7th gig went splendiferously, possibly our best set yet. the crowd was having just about as good a time as we were. old man didn't hold back at all, letting loose a torrent of punk/folk folk/punk screamers you could drown in. Running from Bad Guys got the crowd fired up in their precociously old-school way, especially considering it was only their second show (as i believe one of them mentioned). everyone involved contributed heaping portions to the rock repast that was served that night.

March 18th 2004 :: show flyerand tonight, the Rud will be rock central again as we re-team with the charming Chumley and the sure-to-be-a-hit Tipping the Lion. we're looking forward to debuting a new song and generally having a good time.

also, for those of you into that sort of thing, we'll finally have some merch on hand. we'll have stickers, a Promo CD with a few choice numbers on it, and last but not least, T-shirts!

in the following weeks we'll also be setting up a store of sorts here on the site, so you can get your merch fix online.

come on out tonight, and stay tuned to the site to get your hands on your own Lucifigous Prick stuff!

02/03/2004 :: show me what ya got

if you were thinking that it's been a long time since we updated this site... well, you'd be right. still, just because we haven't said anything doesn't mean we haven't been busy.

as i mentioned in the last post, we've been working on whipping our recordings into shape for our first album release, and we've been working on new material as well. so, between those things, the holidays, and me damn near breaking my wrist, there's not been much "newsworthy" stuff going on.

well, all that is about to change. we've made a pact that we are going to play 10 or more shows this year, and only half of those will be at the Rudyard Kipling. so, if you're an act looking for someone to fill out your bill, or if you're a club/bar owner looking for someone to take over your stage for a night, get in touch.

to that end, we're pleased to say we've got two gigs already lined up. first, on Feb. 7th, we'll be warming up the stage (at around 9:00pm) for the inimitable Old Man, and Running from Bad Guys. then on March 18th, we'll be playing alongside the multi-faceted Chumley, and some kind of free-form experimental rock improv group (which doesn't have a name yet, as far as i know).both of these shows are at the Rud. watch the "next show" listing, or better yet, the shows page, as we'll be sure to keep the latest info up there.

09/24/2003 :: the mark of progress

Well, we told you that we'd been working, and we've just released the latest three tracks from our ongoing recording efforts. These tracks should still be considered demo tracks, as they're not quite in their final form. There's still some mixing and layering to do, but they're getting closer every week. Check the latest downloads over on the right, or head to the downloads section for the full 2003 demo "track" listing.

We may have another batch of songs as early as next sunday, so don't forget to check back.

We don't have any shows lined up at the moment since we're concentrating on recording, but if any local bands have a show they'd like us to play, just let us know.

08/30/2003 :: show me what ya got

The August 9th show at the Rud was an interesting time, there's no question of that. everyone played a really good set and Jason Loewenstein treated the crowd to 15 or 20 minutes of some healthy raw rock n' roll. Unfortunately, the Rud had set up another show for earlier in the evening, and that show didn't let out until just before 10:00pm.

Chumley took the stage shortly thereafter and tore it up for a while in a really excellent debut performance. Little Deer kept the momentum going, and After the Panic brought it back up a notch with some well-polished high-octane grooves. Jason took the stage to fill in some time as we set up our massive warehouse-full of equipment, and kept everyone's energies and spirits high. Of course, at this point--with the late start and everything--the proprietors were telling us we only had 20 minutes to finish setting up, play, and get everybody out of there. We went ahead and played 30 minutes of our 45 minute set, finishing up as the barmaidens were ushering people out the door. Of course, it was one hell of a 30 minute set, we just kind of let it go and purged our frustrations through the music.

Lesson learned: no more 4 band shows, or make sure that no matter what, we start no later than 9PM.

In other news: We've been busting our asses once again and making quite a bit of progress on getting songs recorded for our upcoming album. We now have rough room recordings of all our songs in the can, and are probably 50% through with getting studio tracks laid down. In the coming weeks, we'll be working on finishing up the studio work, then concentrating on the mixing and all the rest of it. With any luck, we'll have it out by the end of the year. Stay tuned, and as we get rough mixes of more tracks, we'll release them here for your listening pleasure.

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